Investment Management
The Investment Management segment comprises Group-wide institutional asset management activities. At CHF 138 million, the 2012 result was CHF 8 million up on the previous year. This equates to an increase of 6%. Thanks to new asset inflows and positive market developments, assets under management increased by a total of CHF 14 billion to over CHF 148 billion. Insurance assets climbed CHF 10 billion to almost CHF 128 billion. Assets invested in funds and third-party mandates grew by around CHF 4 billion. Thanks to a greater volume of assets under management, income rose by 12%. Operating expenses increased by 11% due to business expansion.

The expansion of third-party business led to a net inflow in assets under management of over CHF 2 billion. One notable event in the year under review was a new investment opportunity offered in real estate in cooperation with the insurance units. In addition, the real estate management subsidiary Livit won a number of new mandates.

Following the introduction of the new asset management application in France at the start of 2013, Investment Management has a Group-wide uniform solution for managing assets entrusted to it from the insurance business. Investments managed for third parties are scheduled to be transferred to this application in 2013. The launch of the new brand “Swiss Life Asset Managers” is intended to promote the expansion of third-party business as well as to help to further develop existing markets and enter the German market.

Key figures for Investment Management
Amounts in CHF million  
  2012 2011 +/–
Commission income
  338 301 12.3%
Financial result
  1 1 n/a
Other income
  0 0 n/a
Total income
  339 302 12.3%
Interest expense
  0 0 n/a
Operating expense
  –201 –172 16.9%
Segment result
  138 130 6.2%
Assets under management 1
  148 466 134 264 10.6%
Number of employees (full-time equivalents)
  655 610 7.4%
1 incl. intragroup assets

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