Swiss Life is one of the leading providers of life insurance and pension solutions. A good many people and institutions place their trust in Swiss Life: clients, business partners, shareholders, governmental bodies, employees. With this trust comes responsibility. In order to create and cultivate trust, the company has laid down five basic values:

Expertise: Professional competence and experience
Proximity: Close relationships with clients and business partners
Openness: Nurturing an open dialogue both within and outside the organisation
Clarity: Clear communication and a range of comprehensible products
Engagement: Motivation and enthusiasm to help our clients, employees and shareholders achieve their goals.

The strategy- and value-oriented behaviour required of employees is described in the Group Competency Model (GCM) which was adapted to the new corporate strategy in 2009. Greater emphasis is given in the updated competency model to such aspects as innovativeness, managing change and customer orientation.

AWD implemented a new corporate mission in January 2010. It is based on the values of customer orientation, quality, professionalism, trust and team spirit. In order to improve understanding of the mission, AWD assigns a value to every new year. 2010 was the team spirit year, while the key value for 2011 is professionalism.

INTEGRITY AND COMPLIANCE — Legally and ethically correct business conduct paramount — A Code of Compliance has been in force at Swiss Life since 2006. This contains specific rules of conduct which show employees what they must observe in relation to legal and supervisory requirements and internal instructions. Adherence to these rules is a prerequisite for legally and ethically correct business conduct, to which Swiss Life is unequivocally committed.

Swiss Life employs several compliance officers, both at Group level and in the operational units. Through advice, training and monitoring, they create the basis for timely recognition and avoidance of regulatory and reputation-damaging risks. Examples are the special due diligence requirements and preventive measures to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism. The compliance officers also ensure protection of client data and business secrets. Reputation and trust are a company‚Äôs assets. The compliance units ensure that these assets are preserved through data protection and legally compliant conduct at all times. Swiss Life is an active member of the Swiss Business Data Protection Association.