Brand as a Factor for Success

In a competitive market environment, a strong brand is a major factor for success. Swiss Life displays its identity partly through the powerful claim “The future starts here.”

Swiss Life’s corporate design has been consistent throughout the Group since 2004. The Swiss Life umbrella brand also encompasses the two sub-brands Swiss Life Asset Management and Swiss Life Banque Privée. The German subsidiary SLPM (Schweizer Leben Pensionsmanagement) has an independent market presence as what is called an endorsement brand. The fourth level of the brand structure is occupied by the independently managed brands Livit (in Switzerland only) and AWD, which have no connection with the umbrella brand.

In 2010, no new brands were introduced and no brands were repositioned. But the brand managers continued their vigorous consolidation of the measures first implemented in 2009 for uniform positioning of the Swiss Life brand. In this connection the corporate design was slightly modified to align it with the claim introduced in the previous year: “The future starts here.” This succinct expression of Swiss Life’s positioning is a perfect match for the company and the brand. It communicates an optimistic spirit of change both within the organisation and to the outside world. At critical points of customer contact, visual improvements have been introduced to make the claim and the company colours (red and white) more tangible. Brand management is handled centrally at Swiss Life Group level, but adaptations can be made in the individual markets.

BRAND POSITIONING — Better control of brand-relevant success factors — In the brand management context, Swiss Life mapped out a course in 2010 for implementation of transnational measures in 2011, which are designed to give a much keener edge to its brand positioning. The brand managers laid the foundation for central measurement, analysis and control of all the brand- relevant success factors. The successful qualitative positioning survey undertaken hitherto in the three major markets of Switzerland, France and Germany is being supplemented with a quantitative measurement of brand perception. The initial results of this success rating exercise will be available in mid 2011. Based on those, the features of brand image in the organisational units will be appropriately honed and the Group-wide positioning of the Swiss Life brand and the claim “The future starts here.” will be further consolidated.

Swiss Life’s positioning statement stands on the three pillars of reference status, independence and Swissness. They form the mainstay of the claim “The future starts here.” For a service brand, which is what Swiss Life is, this implies challenges and obligations for the employees, who are called on to assume the role of brand ambassadors in the positioning process. Their expertise, openness, engagement, proximity and clarity bring the brand values home to the customers in a tangible, meaningful way.