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Additional provisions made during the reporting period
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Restructuring costs

Under the MILESTONE initiative, provisions for restructuring were set up in Switzerland, Germany and AWD in 2009. The outflow of the amounts is expected within the following two to three years.

In 2008, provisions for restructuring programmes were primarily set up in Switzerland. Amounts used in 2008 relate to Switzerland and Germany.

In 2005, a provision totalling CHF 72 million relating to the restructuring programme of «La Suisse» in Switzerland was set up. As at 31 December 2009 the remaining provision amounted to CHF 3 million (2008: CHF 4 million) and CHF 1 million was used during the period (2008: CHF 12 million). The provision primarily relates to redundancy programmes and onerous contracts. The outflow of the remaining amounts is expected within the following one to two years.

Other provisions primarily relate to warranties and litigation.