AWD a key player in strengthening distribution —Swiss Life is pursuing a multi-channel strategy in distribution which has proved its worth. AWD is a key player in this strategy. It is one of the leading “financial optimisers” in Europe and stands for sustainable, profitable growth. By the end of 2010, AWD aims to cut its costs by EUR 70 million from their 2008 level to improve profitability. The Swiss Life Group has set itself the target of increasing its share of products distributed through AWD to 20% to 25% with new, competitive products in all relevant product categories, further product offensives and improved service. In the process, the independent product selection by AWD advisors will be safeguarded. As part of its focus on rapidly expanding core markets in Eastern Europe, AWD is withdrawing from Croatia and Romania. In future, the company wants to concentrate in the region on markets with above-average growth potential.