Swiss Life one of the top 10 European life insurance providers — With a market share of close to 2%, Swiss Life is one of the top 10 life insurance providers in Europe. The Swiss Life Group operates in Switzerland, Germany and France. To drive its international business forward, Swiss Life has also established centres of competence in Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and Singapore, and has set up a sales office in Dubai.

To expand its position as the leading life and pensions provider in Switzerland and to implement its client-oriented growth strategy, Swiss Life has launched a series of initiatives. These include strengthening its own sales force, optimising the distribution organisation, further reducing the number of general agencies and intensifying its market development and customer relationship management activities. Swiss Life is also intensifying cooperation with AWD, with the aim of writing around 10% to 15% of new business in individual insurance through this distribution channel by 2012.

In France, the fourth largest life insurance market in the world, Swiss Life has a market share of 1.4%. Swiss Life’s goal in France is to strengthen its position as the leading provider of life and pensions solutions for high net worth individuals and to remain the number two in private health insurance. It plans to achieve this by generating a higher share of modern products and by giving banks, brokers and independent financial advisors a greater role in the multi-channel distribution network.

In Germany, Swiss Life is one of the leading providers of occupational retirement and disability insurance and enjoys an outstanding reputation among brokers. Thanks to its qualification as “best select” partner for AWD in a number of product groups, there was a strong rise in the volume of new business in 2009. Swiss Life in Germany is pursuing the goal of becoming a profitable provider of life and pensions solutions with variable guarantees and risk products by 2012. Besides driving product innovations, expanding distribution networks and stepping up its cooperation with AWD, Swiss Life will focus in future on improving operational efficiency and reducing administrative costs.

In the growing global business in sophisticated insurance solutions for high net worth individuals (private placement life insurance), Swiss Life is already one of the leading providers worldwide. This business area will remain the major engine of growth and driver of the targeted shift from traditional to modern products in the Swiss Life Group in the near future. Swiss Life plans to double its assets under management by 2012.

Through Corporate Solutions, Swiss Life offers employee benefit solutions to multinationals and key accounts. As one of the global leaders in this business, this division is another growth driver for Swiss Life. Plans are underway to systematically expand the global network of client relationships, thus strengthening growth in its traditional area.

Swiss Life successfully entered the Austrian market in the first quarter of 2010 with a business model specifically tailored to private clients.