Brand Management — 2009 has shown once again that, in all markets, Swiss Life is a solid brand whose values and Swiss origin act as important door openers. In the year under review, a new brand promise has been developed to underscore Swiss Life’s forward-looking attitude and to further focus its positioning. Sponsorship commitments boost the recognition value and relevance of the Swiss Life brand.

In a fast-moving market environment with ever fiercer competition, brand identity is a major factor for success. A strong corporate identity offers key competitive advantages.

Since its introduction at the start of 2004, development of the Swiss Life brand has been very positive in all markets, as reflected in the brand’s recognition value and regular image surveys. When breaking into new markets too, the brand, combined with its Swiss origin, has been shown to wield great power and to be an important door opener. The established AWD brand is managed as before as an independent brand.

Brand Promise — Introduced in 2009, the brand promise (known in the trade as a “claim”) is: “The future starts here.” People are concerned about the future. They want to be prepared for all eventualities, while maintaining their independence in order to realise their plans, dreams and wishes. The new claim is a call to take control of the future. At the same time, it is the brand promise which Swiss Life delivers and demonstrates in daily contact with its clients. The claim also radiates the self-confidence of a strong and forward-looking brand.

Brand Positioning — Based on its Swiss origin, its over 150 years of experience and its expertise as a life and pensions specialist, Swiss Life offers its clients long-term and flexible solutions for a secure future. The Swiss Life brand is founded on the qualities of expertise, future orientation and, in particular, trustworthiness.

Values — With its corporate values of expertise, proximity, openness, clarity and engagement, Swiss Life is committed to a professional, personal and comprehensible corporate culture – with respect to its clients, staff, shareholders and society.

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