Condensed Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income (unaudited)

Consolidated statement of comprehensive income for the half-years ended 30 June
In CHF million  2009 HY2008 HY
Net profit  1391 637
Other comprehensive income 
Exchange differences on translating foreign operations  86–105
Financial assets available for sale  –420–2 494
Revaluation surplus on owner-occupied property transferred to investment property  8
Share of other comprehensive income of associates  00
Financial assets held for sale  158
Financial assets reclassified  111
Policyholder participation  20485
Shadow accounting  83142
Income tax relating to other comprehensive income  33265
Net other comprehensive income  –87–1 541
Total net comprehensive income  5296
Total net comprehensive income attributable to  
Equity holders of Swiss Life Holding  5399
Non-controlling interests  –1–3
Total net comprehensive income  5296