Responsible Corporate Conduct | “Swiss Life is committed to helping people create a financially secure future. For life.” Swiss Life’s mission makes it clear that the life and pensions business requires a long-term view and puts the focus on the individual. It is therefore of paramount importance to the company to fulfill those obligations which go beyond its business activities as such. One of the ways in which Swiss Life accomplishes this task is via its social and political commitment.

Clients, partners and employees alike place their trust in Swiss Life. Responsible corporate conduct is part and parcel of the Swiss Life culture and is based on the corporate values of expertise, proximity, openness, clarity and commitment. These are backed up by specific rules of behaviour laid down in the Code of Compliance. Adherence to these rules is a prerequisite for legally and ethically correct business conduct and for economic profitability.

Society | On the occasion of its 150th anniversary in 2007, Swiss Life founded the Perspectives foundation with the remit of promoting non-profit initiatives in the fields of health, science, education, culture and sports. Support contributions of around CHF 1 million per annum are expected to flow into the foundation over the next few years. One of the institutions that received support in 2008 was pro juventute. Thanks to this aid, it can now counsel children and young people in crisis situations not only over the phone, but also via text message. To mark its 100th anniversary back in 1957, Swiss Life set up the Swiss Life Anniversary Foundation for Public Health and Medical Research, which provides annual contributions to a number of research projects.

Swiss Life is also committed to fulfilling its social responsibility obligation outside Switzerland. At the end of 2008, Swiss Life in France founded the Fondation d’entreprise Swiss Life, which embraces various projects and commitments in connection with healthcare, promotes young talented musicians as well as charitable projects supported by Swiss Life staff. In addition, Swiss Life in France has for many years aided the Institut Curie, a hospital and research facility devoted to the fight against cancer. Since 2007, Swiss Life in Germany has supported the Nicolaidis Foundation, a non-profit organisation that helps families that have lost one parent cope with bereavement.

PoliticS | For retirement provisions to function effectively, account must be taken of current demographic and economic challenges. To this end, Swiss Life is involved at various levels of the political debate, where it aims to highlight the necessity and conditions required for the adoption of sustainable concepts. In Germany, for example, in its Salon Palais Leopold series of events in Munich, Swiss Life engages in regular dialogue on key social and political issues with decision makers from the worlds of business, politics and media.

To provide a platform for debate for all those who work intensively in the occupational pensions field, Swiss Life initiated its Munich Specialist Forum series of events in 2007. The second German Swiss Life Pension Day held in October 2008 reached a large audience and featured guests from the world of politics and business leaders, who discussed the issue of increased security through occupational pensions.

Environment | As far back as 1998, Swiss Life became a member of Energy Model Zurich, which involved a pledge to increase energy efficiency at its Zurich location by at least 1.5% per year. Swiss Life has taken energy aspects into consideration in the refurbishment of its office buildings and uses environmentally friendly power in Zurich from wholly renewable energy sources. Thanks to the company’s well-established waste disposal system, two thirds of all reusable waste is recycled. Gas, heating oil, power, paper and water consumption figures were analysed Group-wide for the first time in 2007. Swiss Life was able to use this data as the basis for developing additional ways of making even more efficient use of resources, which will be adopted over the course of the coming years.

In July 2008, Swiss Life and ten other Swiss companies set up the Swiss Climate Foundation with the mandate of promoting the importance of environmental protection in society as well as within their own organisations. This non-profit foundation supports energy efficiency enhancement and climate protection measures and focuses mainly on small and medium-sized companies in Switzerland.

Sustainability | Acting sustainably is of prime importance to Swiss Life. The company underscores this in a number of areas. In October 2008, for example, Swiss Life received an award for sustainable real estate investment. Its Seewürfel Zürich project featuring residential and commercial buildings that are built in accordance with the MINERGIE certification standard for low-energy buildings was presented with the Prime Property Award. The award is conferred on European real estate projects that are built according to particularly ecologically friendly criteria and visibly enhance the quality of their surroundings.

Sustainability is also gaining in importance in the investment area, something that Swiss Life recognised at an early stage. Swiss Life Asset Management, a Swiss Life subsidiary, working in collaboration with an independent asset management company for sustainable investments, SAM, was the first provider of sustainability balanced mandates back in 2005. This investment concept uses mixed mandates of both equities and bonds that are selected according to the criteria of economic, ecological and social added value.

In fact, sustainability already starts where people need support with their business processes. For this reason, Swiss Life has been stepping up its efforts to promote the prevention of sickness and accidents at the workplace since 2005. By means of its “Take care” initiative, Swiss Life aims to work in conjunction with corporate clients to reduce disability cases over the long term, prevent claims and improve reintegration following illness and accidents.