Innovative products successfully launched | Client needs are clearly moving towards an optimum combination of liquidity, security and return. Unit- or index-linked solutions with selectable, flexible guarantees, such as variable annuities, are in demand. Not only are such products better aligned to client needs, they also provide greater clarity as to where the added value comes from and how it is allocated. This, and the fact that these products tie up less risk capital, is advantageous for shareholders, too. Swiss Life has therefore expanded its range of non-traditional products in all markets and increased the share of this product category in new business to 40% in 2008.

An important step in the further expansion of the product mix in favour of non-traditional products was the start-up of the product factory for variable annuities according to schedule. Swiss Life successfully launched the first product in this growth segment in Germany in the third quarter. Additional product launches are set for 2009. The product factory’s location in Luxembourg allows Swiss Life to market these solutions throughout the European Union.

In order to strengthen product development throughout the Group, Swiss Life established the Group Product Management business area in 2008. In this way, Swiss Life wants to promote the exchange of knowledge in product development and bring innovative products that meet client needs and profitability requirements to market more rapidly.