1 General Information

The Swiss Life Group is one of Europe’s leading providers of life insurance and pension solutions. In Switzerland, France and Germany, the Group offers individuals and corporations comprehensive advice and a broad range of products through its own sales force as well as brokers and banks. Swiss Life provides international corporations with employee benefits solutions from a single source, and is one of the global leaders in structured life and pension products for international high net worth individuals. Swiss Life is the majority shareholder of the Hanover-based AWD Group, one of Europe’s top financial services providers for the medium- and high-income client segments. AWD offers its clients independent financial advisory services.

The following events had an influence on the period under review:

Reduction in par value | As approved by the shareholders at the General Meeting of Swiss Life Holding Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Swiss Life Holding”) on 8 May 2008, a reduction in par value of CHF 17 per registered share was effected in 2008. The payout took place on 29 July 2008 and amounted to CHF 547 million.

Share BuyBack Programme | In the period under review, 3 003 500 Swiss Life Holding shares were repurchased for CHF 686 million under the share buyback programme.

Conversion of convertible debt | In the period under review, convertible bonds were converted into 124 115 Swiss Life Holding shares in total with a corresponding increase in share capital and share premium (2007: conversion into 1 184 170 Swiss Life Holding shares).

Approval of Financial Statements | On 23 March 2009, the Board of Directors approved the annual financial statements and the financial report and authorised them for issue. The financial report, therefore, only reflects events up to that date.