Multichannel distribution strengthened | Direct contact with clients is a key success factor in the life insurance and pensions business. With the acquisition of AWD, targeted smaller-scale takeovers in France and measures to boost sales performance through tied distribution channels, Swiss Life further strengthened its multichannel distribution structure in 2008. Including AWD advisors, Swiss Life increased the proportion of employees working in distribution from less than 25% to over 50%.

The cooperation between Swiss Life and AWD is progressing well. Swiss Life products in Germany have already been included in AWD’s “best select” range in various product categories. The sales volumes of these products have risen accordingly. The improved positioning also led to an increase in sales of the corresponding products via the existing broker channel. In Switzerland, AWD introduced its first Swiss Life product in November 2008. This innovative product was developed in close cooperation between specialists from Swiss Life and AWD to meet the needs of AWD target clients. Initial experiences have been positive here too. The cooperation consistently follows AWD’s “best select” model. The independent financial advisor business model is not affected.