Corporate Executive Board

The Group CEO directs the business operations of the Group. The Group CEO, together with the Corporate Executive Board, works out the long-term objectives and strategic orientation of the Group for submission to the Board of Directors and, based on the resolutions of the Board of Directors, ensures the goal-oriented leadership and development of the Group. The Corporate Executive Board can form committees to address specific areas and can delegate competencies to such a Corporate Executive Board committee.

The organisational structure of the Group is geared to the main functions of its business. The resultant organisation is reflected in the division of tasks within the Corporate Executive Board. The members of the Corporate Executive Board have a direct management role with functional management responsibility for cross-divisional competencies. The members of the Corporate Executive Board are responsible for setting objectives, financial planning, HR management and achievement of objectives within their division. They issue directives for their division within the context of legal and regulatory requirements, the relevant regulations and the Group directives valid for the Group as a whole.

The Corporate Executive Board is responsible for implementation of the corporate strategy, for the establishment of conditions governing business operations and for financial guidance. It is responsible for the preparation of the resolutions for the Board of Directors and its committees, and for monitoring the implementation of these decisions in the Group. The Corporate Executive Board is vested with the authority to rule on business referred to it by the Board of Directors, the Board of Directors committees and the Delegate of the Board of Directors, insofar as decision or approval is not reserved exclusively to one of these.

The Corporate Executive Board may delegate operational responsibility for the management of subsidiaries to individual members of the Corporate Executive Board.

MEMBERS OF THE CORPORATE EXECUTIVE BOARD | On 31 December 2008 the Corporate Executive Board of Swiss Life Holding was composed of the following members:


Member of
the Corporate
Board since
Bruno PfisterGroup CEO01.08.2002
Ivo FurrerCEO Switzerland01.09.2008
Klaus G. LeyhCEO Germany01.10.2008
Charles RelecomCEO France01.07.2008
Reto HimmelGroup CTO20.01.2003
Patrick FrostGroup CIO01.07.2006
Thomas MüllerGroup CFO01.01.2006
Manfred BehrensCo-CEO AWD08.05.2008