Brand Management | The brand underscores Swiss Life’s image as a specialist in life insurance and pension solutions and as a trustworthy partner for private individuals and companies. Since 2004 Swiss Life has presented a uniform corporate identity across the Group, which has now become firmly entrenched in the public’s mind. By revising the brand strategy, the brand is made even more attractive and thereby contributes to the company’s attainment of its growth target.

In spring 2004 Swiss Life introduced a simplified brand structure and a uniform corporate identity across the Group. The operation of all Swiss Life companies under the same umbrella brand strengthens the employees’ identification with the Group and the potential for international positioning. Under the Swiss Life brand, the companies in the individual countries set their own priorities in advertising campaigns, employing strategies based on their specific market position, sales policy and competitive situation. In Switzerland, Swiss Life uses the brand promise “Prepared for the future” in its campaigns. As market leader, the company has positioned itself in its domestic market with a slogan that bears witness to its confidence: “Provide for the future with the number one.”

BRAND POSITIONING | The brand builds mainly on the characteristics of trustworthiness, competence and a focus on the future. Appreciation and recognition values of the Swiss Life brand have been steadily on the rise over the past few years, with the brand’s appeal boosted by a consistent image, by advertising and by sponsorship. Swiss Life’s sponsorship activities in the domestic market focus predominately on football and running, on the one hand, and on classical music and film, on the other. In 2008 Swiss Life accompanied the Swiss national football team to Euro 08 and for, the first time, acted as the main sponsor of the Solothurn Film Festival.

Outside Switzerland, the brand’s chief strengths are the associated qualities of Swissness, trust and security. In its marketing campaigns in Germany, Swiss Life lays emphasis on the company’s long-standing tradition and reliability. The idea of trustworthiness that is associated with the brand is the strongest image component.

BRAND STRATEGY | In December 2007 Swiss Life reformulated its strategic priorities and financial goals, thereby giving rise to the current alignment of the brand strategy with the new business strategy. The aim is to improve brand management, coordinating the brand’s use more rigorously across the Group and raising its appeal.

Employees play a major role in this regard: Under the catchphrase of behavioural branding, the brand will be given a sharper image in their daily work and dealings with clients. The measures for achieving this goal will be drawn up during the course of 2009 and are intended to be of a long-term nature. Their aim is to reinforce the corporate identity and thus contribute towards the company’s targeted growth.

VALUES | The “brand personality” embraces five corporate values which together are an important element of corporate culture and serve as guidance for employees’ actions.

EXPERTISE | We offer first-class life insurance and pension solutions. This expertise is based on our proven professional competence and many years of experience.

Proximity | We foster close relationships with our clients and partners and endeavour to understand their needs. This proximity enables us to provide optimum solutions tailored to their requirements.

Openness | We nurture open and direct dialogue both within and outside of our organisation. This approach builds trust in the work we do.

Clarity | We communicate clearly and offer products and services that are comprehensible. This clarity gives our clients and partners a sense of security.

Commitment | We work with commitment and enthusiasm to help our clients, staff and shareholders achieve their goals. This commitment forms the basis of long-term partnerships, and enables us to meet our social responsibilities.