Efficiency increased by streamlining Corporate Center | Following the various efficiency programmes at the business units, Swiss Life is now streamlining its Corporate Center in Zurich. The division of responsibilities between the Corporate Center and the business units is being adjusted and clearly allocated, and the number of centrally implemented IT projects reduced. The new Corporate Center will concentrate on Group functions and on delivering shared services for collective use by the business units. All other tasks will be assumed directly by the business units or will be discontinued. The aim is to increase cost transparency, delegate greater responsibility to the business units and tighten up the cost base. With these measures, Swiss Life will reduce costs by around CHF 90 million by 2012.

In addition, strict cost management continues to have high priority in all areas. Swiss Life consistently works on further enhancing efficiency. The Operations area, for example, implements the lean management method, which focuses on the continuous improvement of a company’s processes, organisation and products. In addition to the short-term optimisation of all processes, this method strives to embed continuous improvement in the workflows themselves. Initial projects have already begun.

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