Board of Directors

Function | The Board of Directors is responsible for all matters that are not reserved for the consideration of the General Meeting of Shareholders (formally the supreme decision-making body of a public limited company) under the terms of the law (Art. 698 of the Swiss Code of Obligations (OR)) or by the company’s Articles of Association. In line with its non-transferable duties prescribed by law the Board of Directors is responsible, in particular, for the ultimate direction of the Group, as well as the supervision of the Corporate Executive Board.

ELECTIONS AND TERMS OF OFFICE | Pursuant to the Articles of Association, the Board of Directors shall consist of no fewer than five and no more than fourteen members. The members of the Board are elected by the General Meeting of Shareholders for a maximum term of three years, and on an individual basis. The Organisational Regulations stipulate that a member of the Board of Directors shall automatically resign from the Board at the General Meeting of Shareholders in the year in which the member reaches the age of 70.

STAGGERED TERMS OF OFFICE | Due to the staggered terms of office, it is ensured that, in so far as possible, an equal number of members will come up for re-election every year. If a member resigns during his or her term of office, the successor will serve only for the rest of that term. Thus, with respect to the annual re-elections, an important prerequisite has been established for ensuring continuity on the Board of Directors.

COMPOSITION | In the year under review the Board of Directors of Swiss Life Holding, with the exception of one member, consisted of non-executive directors, who have no duties relating to operational management within the Swiss Life Group, and who had not exercised any such duties during the past three financial years. In this respect, Rolf Dörig is the only member of the Board of Directors to be defined as an executive director, since he held the position of Chairman of the Corporate Executive Board of the Swiss Life Group until his election to the Board of Directors in May 2008.

No member of the Board has any significant business relationship with Swiss Life Holding or any other Group companies. The members of the Board of Directors of Swiss Life Holding also make up the Board of Directors of Swiss Life/Rentenanstalt.

There are no mutual cross-directorships with boards of directors of listed companies. Acceptance of appointments to the boards of directors of other companies by members of the Swiss Life Holding Board of Directors requires the permission of the Board of Directors. Information on additional board mandates held by individual members of the Board of Directors is presented in the following pages.

MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS | As of the balance sheet date, the Board of Directors was composed of the following members:


Year appointed/

Elected until
Bruno GehrigChairman 2003/20062009
Chairman's Committee, Chairman 
Rolf DörigDelegate 20082011
Chairman’s Committee Investment and Risk Committee     
Gerold BührerVice Chairman 2002/2003/2005/200812011
Chairman’s Committee Investment and Risk Committee, Chairman     
Volker BremkampMember 2003/2004/20072010
Audit Committee, Chairman 
Paul EmbrechtsMember 2003/2005/20082011
Investment and Risk Committee 
Rudolf KellenbergerMember 2003/2004/20072010
Chairman’s Committee Investment and Risk Committee     
Henry PeterMember 20062009
Audit Committee 
Peter QuadriMember 2003/2004/20072010
Audit Committee 
Pierfranco RivaMember 2003/20062009
Investment and Risk Committee 
Franziska TschudiMember 2003/2005/20082011
Audit Committee 
1 Member of the Board of Directors of Swiss Life/Rentenanstalt since 2000