Balance Sheet

Balance Sheet
In CHF million31.12.200831.12.2007
Cash and cash equivalents209
Time deposits and similar investments781150
Short-term investments at fair value2
Receivables from Group companies94
Receivables from third parties73
Accrued income4
Current assets817172
Debt securities55
Hedge Funds10
Participations3 1472 665
Loans to Group companies668218
Non-current assets4 1273 407
Total assets4 9443 579
Liabilities and equity
Payables to Group companies1
Liabilities towards third parties3233
Total short-term liabilities3333
Convertible securities4268
Total long-term liabilities4268
Total liabilities75101
Share capital5961 189
General reserves1 1391 117
Reserve for treasury shares1 167618
Legal reserves2 3061 735
Free reserves43216
Balance carried forward from previous year33
Net profit1 921335
Profit shown in the balance sheet1 924338
Total equity4 8693 478
Total liabilities and equity4 9443 579

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